GTech believes that innovation and quality are key to developing leading equipment. We use continuous process improvements to bring our customers innovative quality products and services.

Our 3 locations, America, New Zealand, and Australia, work together to provide our customers ISO approved products with on time deliveries. 

The New Zealand based GTech Bellmor company was established in 1989 with its origins in the rendering industry. The Australian based facility, now in Melbourne, was established in 1997. Investment and part ownership in the Houston facility began in 2009. We have recently had a change of ownership in the United States operation, original Co-Founders/ Owners of the New Zealand and Australian branches now own a majority of the USA operation, We are now named GTech USA.  

About Us

Many key employees here at GTech have been with the company or have industry experience of 15 years plus. This gives the business a tremendous experience base to meet and exceed our customers expectations for quality products, development projects, manufacturing, repairs, parts and service.

Our Office:

Phone: 832-616-2922


President/ Sales: Kevin Bell 

Phone: 281-513-5888 


Administration/ Vice President: Sarah Morgan 

Phone: 832-294-7725 


Vice President/ Outside Sales: Dennis Edwards

Phone: 713-503-4546


 27341 Spectrum Way, Oakridge North,  Texas 77385.

Here is a short profile video of our facility in New Zealand.

Capital Sales Account Manager:  Jennifer Clemonds 

Phone: 832-314-0174


Repair Manager: William Rhodes 

Phone: 281-513-2802


Production Manager: Matthew Pasco 

Phone: 713-582-8076


Development Manager/ Sales: James Andrews
Phone- 936-520-4722 

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Our US Facility.

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Contact Us At: 832-616-2922

27341 Spectrum Way, Conroe, Texas 77385

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