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Field Service Manager

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 William Rhodes: 
 Repair Manager

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Centrifuge Equipment Monitoring Service, Servicing, and Repair.

GTech USA offers complete centrifuge equipment servicing and repairs including complete strip, measure, parts and workshop service which is available for all makes of industrial centrifuge, including waste water rendering and 3 phase decanters. 
We can provide on-site inspections and reporting for condition assessments, including vibration analysis.

Parts and assemblies are balanced to international standards (eg ANSI S2.19-1989, ISO1940, BS6861).

Utilizing our Schenck CAB-706 balancing machine, we carry out both static and dynamic balancing on both separator bowls and decanter scrolls and drums. This is carried out to ensure minimal vibration and machine longevity.

We use portable diagnostic equipment (Schenck VT-60) to carry out centrifuge equipment balancing and vibration analysis onsite.

Our extensive parts inventory ensures the minimum time in servicing your needs for replacement parts.

On-Site repairs include lubrication and oil change, removal and renewal of bearings and seals. Breakdown servicing/troubleshooting is available at any time, as we aim to keep our customers operating at their desired throughput levels. Workshop services are planned to assist with annual shutdowns for maintenance.

Please contact us for more information about our industrial separation equipment servicing and repairs, or to request a quotation.